Types of articles that can be published in a scientific journal
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Types of articles that can be published in a scientific journal.

Scientific journals consider a range of different types of manuscripts for publication. Familiarizing with the different types of articles will help researchers choose the most suitable type for publishing their study. Though it appears like there exists a variety of types of articles published under various headings, they mostly belong to either of the following types: 

Original research

Original research presents an original study. The authors conduct a research on a particular topic and report the findings of their study through original research articles. The framework of every original research, be it empirical or theoretical, must include the study objective(s), study design, results, and conclusion(s).

Review articles

Review articles present thesummary of existing literature on a topic. These articles present a perspective on the state of the field and provide direction for future research. They are often written by experts in the field.

About research methods

Some journals also publish methodological developments made in a particular field,to promote a better understanding of the current and new methodologies and their application in respective fields and research settings. 

Case studies and reports

Case studies present specific instances of an interesting phenomenon. They are normally used in the field of medicine to make other researchers aware of the existence of a particular phenomenon.

Opinion papers

Opinion articles are those that present the researcher’s original and personal viewpoint on a particular study. They are based on published data. The arguments made in the paper must be backed by evidence and provide constructive criticism about the study.

Policy briefs

Some journals also publish policy briefs which are short documents used to present the findings and recommendations of a research project to policy actors. They are also used as a vehicle for presenting evidence-based advice on a policy issue

Video research work

Video articlesare used to present research in a visual rather than written way. The videos must include some or all of the research elements needed to support the findings.

Each type of article serves a specific purpose and has a specific format. Before choosing the type of research article, the prerequisite for publishing the same need to be borne in mind.   

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