Questionnaire / Interview questions preparation

We all know the significance of questionnaires in collecting survey data from a large audience. We know the importance, but are uncertain about the placement of different types of questions in a questionnaire. There are different types of questionnaires that researchers can send to their audience. The format of questionnaire depends entirely on what information is to be extracted from respondents.

 We will help you in preparing the questionnaire from scratch. We believe that the key to preparing the best questionnaire is to understand the questionnaire format and the type of questions that can be asked to respondents during the survey. Depending on the subject or topic of research, we include open format questions or closed format questions. We also recognize what should and shouldn’t be included in a questionnaire, thereby avoiding embarrassing questions, positive/negative connotation questions and hypothetical questions.

We also offer Interview question preparation service. We will prepare questions that specifically address your research objectives.


·         Questionnaire.

·         The dependent and independent variables identified.

·         A framework for the theoretical model

·         Identified research gaps.

·         Proposal draft.

·         Revised materials based on client inputs (up to 15 days).


·         Error-free thesis proposal.

·         A unique theoretical framework.

·         Relevant and adequate references.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

·         Research topic

·         University guidelines

·         Structure of the proposal

·         Objectives of the research

·         Specific details on research like where you want to conduct the research, among whom do you want to conduct the research and so forth.

·         The expected outcome of the research.

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