pilot study

Pilot Study

Before you conduct a full-fledged research trial, you should consider the implementation of a pilot study. The questions you might ask is ‘What is a pilot study?’ and ‘how to do it?’

A pilot study is a preliminary analysis that a researcher carries out prior to the full-scale research study. Although the principles and processes involved in a pilot study are similar to the concepts imagined for the final study, they are usually carried out on a smaller scale and help you determine whether your study plan is feasible.

What does a Pilot Study help you determine?

  • Is your research instrument reliable? (Meaning that your results are consistent)
  • Is your research instrument valid? (Meaning that your results are precise)
  • How much time and manpower will you need to devote to the final study?
  • Should you be improving your techniques of data collection and analysis?

The study is an additional investment of your resources, but it is crucial to refine your final study plan. It is much better to discover a flaw with your research design or instrument during your pilot study when it can be easily remedied.

How does we help you with your Pilot Study?

  • We provide support during various stages of the study.
  • We analyze the reliability of your research instruments and the scales used.
  • We analyze the validity of your research instruments and the scales used.
  • We provide suggestions for the improvement of these factors in the final study.
  • We provide guidance for the improvement of the final research instrument.

How does we analyze the reliability and validity of your Pilot Study?

Using the data that you have collected and information related to the protocol and processes that you employed, we use a series of statistical analyses, including Cronbach’s alpha and Exploratory Factor Analysis using SPSS v24. The analyzed data is then interpreted and the interpretations are compared with your protocol and instrument to determine where improvement is needed.

Do you have a question regarding planning of your study? Or have you conducted your pilot study and need some help analyzing the information that you have collected? Feel free to contact us for any support or guidance.

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