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Paraphrasing plagiarised content

How do I remove plagiarism?

If you have ever asked, “How do I remove plagiarism?” here are some ways to answer your question.

Use some technical tricks

There are a few ways to tackle the issue of plagiarism. You could try and cheat the system by adding images, converting your file into a PDF and so on. But that takes a lot of effort and there is no guarantee your deception will go untraced.

Reference your material

You could reference all the material that you have included in your report, giving credit where it is due.

Use quotation marks

You can use quotation marks around definitions and important phrases.

Remove unnecessary content

If you’re very short on time, you might completely remove the content that was plagiarised, although this is not advisable if it is a vital piece of information.

And the best possible option – Paraphrasing

The fourth and final option is called paraphrasing, which allows you to retain the original information and present it in a unique manner. 

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is one way of rewriting the source material and text so that it can be included in your project. It involves the author reading the original information, processing it and rewriting it in their own words. To put it very simply, paraphrasing is a step-above summarising the available material. 

What should you remember when paraphrasing text? Service?

To start with, make sure you have a clear idea of what the information means. Read the source material thoroughly and formulate a basic summary and the ideas in your head.

While rewriting the information, try and avoid using the same words as the original. Including specific scientific terms, names or direct quotes where necessary is acceptable but do NOT copy material verbatim from the source. An exception to this rule is the use of definitions, which can be placed within quotation marks.

Once you’re done rewriting, read the newly paraphrased piece. Ensure that it makes sense and that is doesn’t appear too similar to the original.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that the paraphrased content express the same meaning with clarity as the original content.

Paraphrasing can be a difficult task, involving a lot of time and energy.

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