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What does Rehobothacademics help you with for Quantitative Data Analysis?

Rehoboth Academic Services also specializes in quantitative analysis and data services. This type of analysis involves the use of empirical or numerical data. Collected information from your research study is treated using a number of statistical tools, selected on the basis of your requirements. The unrefined data that is gathered using your research instrument is analyzed and interpreted to provide you with meaningful insights that will help you with your study.

At Rehoboth Academic Services, we offer guidance in the following areas:-

At Rehoboth Academic Services, we offer guidance in the following areas:-

  • Structuring and refinement of questionnaires to collect quantitative information.
  • Reliability and validity checking of pilot studies.
  • Organization and formatting of collected results.
  • Statistical analyses of compiled information.
  • Interpretation of analyzed results.
  • Formulation of discussion for results.

We also offer formatting services for all the results and data provided. This helps you ensure that your data is presented in the most appealing way possible.

What does Rehoboth Academic Services need from you?

  • Objectives, hypotheses and the purpose of research.
  • Raw data collected by you.
  • Research instruments that you have used in your research.

We also offer support in formulating the hypotheses for your research study should you require it.

What Statistical Software does Rehoboth Academic Services use?

We specialize in the use of SPSS v24, AMOS v21, Minitab, Smart PLS and MS Excel. The team of expert statisticians at Rehoboth Academic Services is proficient in the use of several statistical tools including regressions, correlations, Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) etc. For information on the tools that we use, please visit our Statistical Analysis Overview page.

What are the deliverables that Rehoboth Academic Services promises you?

  • Analyzed data presented in the form of tables and figures.
  • Interpretation written in the form of a chapter (optional).
  • Revision based on your inputs (up to 1 month).

What is the outcome that Rehoboth Academic Services offers?

  • Appropriate statistical tools applied to the collected data.
  • Creation of tables and figures with appealing color schemes and layouts.
  • Composition of a chapter that contains a strong interpretation of the data.
  • Relevant and adequate references.

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