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Thesis Editing Services

Writing a thesis is the most important part in the completion of your Ph.D. degree. After working hard on collecting the data and analysing them, presenting the data in an understandable manner is not always easy for everyone. Your thesis can be made or marred based on how you present them as a report. Your writing should express the ideas clearly, logically and descriptively to the reader. There should be a coherent flow of the entire subject. Many times, you may find difficulty in producing a seamless flow from one chapter to the other. On writing the thesis for months together, you might have become attached to the content that you will not be able to spot mistakes in your thesis. This is where we extend our help by looking at your thesis without any bias. We will ensure that your thesis is free from any grammatical errors, wordy sentences, bombastic words, etc. Our professional touch will help you to convince the examiners and the readers about the quality of your research.

We offer different levels of editing and proofreading of dissertation, thesis, research articles and any academic articles. We believe in absolute clarity in writing and proofreading. Our proofreaders and editors go through the entire document, spot the mistakes and then make a final copy. In proofreading, we read the content carefully, identify the mistakes and correct typographical errors in grammar, spellings and style.

We make sure that the content of your thesis expresses your ideas in a clear, logical and descriptive manner. We give the entire subject a coherent flow. Our professional touch will help you to convince the examiners and the readers about the quality of your research. Rehoboth also does the formatting of the thesis as per your university guidelines for a nominal additional fee.

Why Do You Need Rehoboth Academic Service?

·         You may be an expert in your subject. Nevertheless, you need an expert in putting together your ideas and content in a cohesive form to be understood and accepted by the academic body.

·         We are most likely to catch the errors that you inadvertently skipped, as you know what you meant.

·         As an editor, we can be more objective than the author.

·         After living and breathing the subject for months, writers often become too attached to be critical. This is not the case with the editors.

·         A second opinion from someone who knows what is acceptable by the academic body can be invaluable.

·         Look at the subject from the layman’s point of view and make the subject understandable by everyone.

·         While you are exhausted at the end of your journey in completing your PhD studies, you need the extra support of someone who can read your thesis critically and give you feedback.

We render editing services for

·         Thesis/dissertations

·         Research article

·         Course work

·         Books

·         Paraphrasing

·         References


We edit using track changes so that you can accept or deny the changes. We also undertake revisions until you are completely satisfied.

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