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Exploratory Factor Analysis in SPSS

Exploratory Factor Analysis in SPSS

Exploratory Factor Analysis examines the underlying factors that are measured by a number of observed variables. Exploratory Factor Analysis is commonly used by researchers during the development of a scale.

In SPSS, Exploratory Factor Analysis is found in Analyze > Dimension Reduction > Factor

Then, we will get ‘Factor Analysis’ dialog box

Add variables that need to be included for analysis in the ‘Variables’ box.


In the Descriptive statistics dialog box, tick the ‘Initial solution’ box under the ‘Statistics’ box. Then, tick the ‘KMO and Bartlett’s test of sphericity’ box under the ‘Correlation Matrix’ group and click on Continue.


In the ‘Extraction’ dialog box, select ‘Principal components’ method.


Select ‘Correlation matrix’ under the ‘Analyze’ group and then select ‘Unrotated factor solution’ under the ‘Display’ group. Click on Continue.


In ‘Rotation’ dialog box, select ‘Varimax’ box under the ‘Method’ group and select ‘Rotated solution’ under the ‘Dislay’ group. Then, click on Continue.


In the ‘Factory Analysis: Options’ dialog box, select ‘Exclude cases listwise’ under the ‘Missing Values’ group and select ‘Sorted by size’ and ‘Suppress small coefficients’ under ‘Coefficient Display Format’ group. Change the ‘Absolute value below’ from 0.10 to 0.3.


Click on Continue and Ok. 

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