Sample Size

The sample size is a term used in market research for defining the number of subjects included in a sample size. By sample size, we understand a group of subjects that are selected from the general population and is considered a representative of the real population for that specific study.

For example, if we want to predict how the population in a specific age group will react to a new product, we can first test it on a sample size that is representative of the targeted population. The sample size, in this case, will be given by the number of people in that age group that will be surveyed.

If you are planning, or already working on, your PhD thesis, your proposal or any research-oriented task, there is a strong chance the term ‘statistical analysis has cropped up. Encounters with this often intimidating term are not unwarranted, after all, statistics forms one of the building blocks needed to arrive at the conclusion of a research project. In any research initiative, you will encounter data and statistics provides you the power to gain meaningful inferences from that data. Statistical analysis, when done correctly, can help in the collection, categorization, summarization, presentation and interpretation of data to produce reliable and accurate results, letting you complete your research confidently.  We are PhD & Masters thesis experts based out of Bangalore since 2013 in data analysis tools like ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, Validity & Reliability tests, SEM, Multivariate, etc.

What does Rehoboth Academic Services offer you?

Reliable statistical analysis starts right from the data you collect, which is why at Rehoboth Academic Services, we provide support from sample size calculation till the interpretation of the results. We help you analyze your collected data, present the results in an appealing format using tables and figures, and we help you understand how to interpret your findings.

We adhere to a two-way learning process, where you not only understand the tools that were used for analysis but also the reasoning behind their selection. We believe that data analysis is much more than a means to complete your PhD, it is an important learning experience that gives you the opportunity to become an expert in statistics.

Why should you choose Rehoboth Academic Services?

  • Guaranteed high-quality deliverables
  • Timely delivery of results and interpretation
  • Only in-house analysis, ensuring data security
  • Assured originality of final product

Our trained statisticians are proficient in a myriad of statistical tools to offer you the best possible interpretation of your results. Here are just some of the options that we offer:

Descriptive StatisticsT-Tests
Mann-Whitney U TestANOVA
Correlation AnalysesMANOVA
ANCOVARegression Analyses (Linear and Multiple)
MANCOVAReliability Testing (Cronbach’s Alpha, Guttman’s Split-Half)
Data NormalityValidity Testing
Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
Discriminant AnalysisConvergent Validity
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)Structure Equation Modelling (SEM)
Path AnalysisThematic Analysis
Cross-tabulationsAnd much, much more…

Are you looking for help with a particular statistical tool and can’t find it in the table above? Feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We’re here to help.

What software do we use?

Our statisticians are trained in MS Excel, IBM SPSS v24, Minitab, AMOS v21, R and Smart PLS.

Do you have any questions or require any clarifications? For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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